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Think strippers can’t get famous?

10 Strippers Who Became Celebrities

Think strippers can’t become celebrities? Think again. You might be surprised at how many of the hottest celebrities on the planet began their entertainment careers as exotic dancers. The industry certainly lends itself well to the need to captivate audiences. Women who were talented at using their sexuality and energy to keep a crowd’s attention found considerably impressive careers later on as actresses, singers, and more.

A young woman looking to make it big as an actress or singer doesn’t have to begin her journey as an exotic dancer, but there does seem to be something that can be said for going that route.

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10 Hot Celebrities Who Were Strippers

If you need actual proof that some of the hottest women in the world began their careers as dancers, check out this list of 10 hot celebrities who were strippers:

·        1)  Lady Gaga: Yes, that Lady Gaga. The multi-platinum provocateur and recording artist did indeed begin her career as a stripper. Ever seen the video for “Poker Face”? No one can say Ms. Gaga doesn’t know how to use her beautiful body to get someone to sit up and pay her a little attention.

·         2) Kat Stacks: The outspoken rap groupie is also a notoriously famous exotic dancer.

·         3) Diablo Cody: It’s no secret that the Oscar-winning screenwriter started out as a dancer. She might have a knack for great characters and strong dialog (check out movies like Juno and Young Adult), but she also apparently had a knack for showing off some pretty impressive dance moves.

·         4) Maliah Michel: The hip-hop beauty is also a world-class stripper. Watch a few of the videos she’s appeared in if you’re at all skeptical.

·         5) Kendra Wilkinson: The TV personality and businesswoman knows how to work the pole.

·         6) EVE: When she wasn’t winning Grammys as one of the most intensely popular rappers on the planet, EVE was plying her trade by showing off her moves at the strip club.

·         7) Draya Michele: The star of Basketball Wives: Atlanta doesn’t need anyone to tell her that she’s drop-dead gorgeous. Considering how successful she was an exotic dancer, there’s a good chance that she probably knows how beautiful she is.

·         8) Jenna Jameson: What else would you expect from the star of a movie like Zombie Strippers? The b-movie actress isn’t just one of the most famous adult actresses of all time. She was also at one time one of the most popular strippers to be found anywhere.

·        9)  Amber Rose: Recording artist, actress, socialite, and yes, a stripper, too. Amber Rose knows she’s gorgeous, and she knows she’s going to stand out, and she did quite well for herself back in her stripping days.

·        10)  Rachel Sterling: Remember The Wedding Crashers? Of course you do. Rachel Sterling made quite a memorable appearance, as those who have been lucky enough to see her dance will tell you.

 The range of women featured here is staggering. Who said stripping was a lowly profession? Maybe there are some future celebrities working for Temptations….see them while you can!