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3 Reasons why Escorts should not see clients directly

Once the decision is made to be a private adult entertainer in Hampton roads, there are

basically two paths from which to choose. Work with an agency or go it alone. Trying to go it alone is

difficult and hectic and people don’t tend to take those type of escorts and strippers seriously. There

are numerous agencies out there all offering something slightly different from the next, obviously

choosing the right one is important. But that’s another article entirely. Once a good ethical adult

entertainment company is found, seeing clients around the company should be avoided at all costs.


Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Safety and Security

Working with an agency has safeguards that dealing with clients directly does not have. Any

good agency in Hampton Roads will agree that the security of the dancers is vital. This means screening

clients to the best of their ability to ensure that the clients are who they say they are at minimum.

Reputable agencies will require strippers and escorts to check in and out of appointments so that the

agency is aware of an the entertainer’s where-abouts at all times. If an entertainer doesn’t check out

after a booking, a good agency will take steps to make sure she is safe and accounted for. One reason

predators seek out independents is because they lack this safety net. An agency has records of the

appointments they book so they can be easily referenced in the future if need be. Working for an

agency also allows entertainers to legitimize their job, which comes in handy when applying for a loan or

renting an apartment, and paying taxes.

2. Loyalty and Reliability

It’s nice to be a part of something. When a person feels valued at their job, they in turn value

their job. When an adult entertainer chooses a good company a relationship is born. If the dancer is

loyal and reliable, a company will treat them respectfully and attentively. A good, ethical agency will be

devoted to their loyal and reliable entertainer’s success in the business as their success will improve the

company as a whole. When working on alone, not only is the safety net gone, but so it the feeling of

belonging to something. Some adult entertainers work with an agency see some or certain clients

directly, around the company, thinking they “deserve it” or just think they won’t get caught, but perhaps

they should consider this: Seeing clients around the company means sooner or later having to lie, lying

means having to keep up with lies. The truth is never hard to remember, but lies can be tricky.

Especially in this day of the text message. Words (lies and truth) are easily accessible after the fact and

it’s hard to deny a text message contradicting a fresh lie. If the entertainer values being with the

company, chances are this will also weigh on their conscience, which is never a good feeling and over

time takes a toll on one’s emotions.

3. Taking things from business to personal.

In an industry swathed in fantasy, it is understandable that some clients want to feel special.

And there are ways to achieve this. But once an adult entertainer starts seeing a client or clients directly

a boundary is crossed. The client tends to now see the escort or stripper as a “friend.” This means he

will expect more of time and attention (expecting longer stays, text messages, phone calls) and

eventually he may expect to pay less. After all, you’re friends, right? Experience says 9 times out of 10

the client will tell the agency anyway. The moment he gets mad or jealous or feels ignored or just plain

bored he will tell the agency. It’s not worth losing a relationship with a company that treats their

entertainers well. Independents have a different problem entirely. They have no one to fall back on if a

client gets a little too attached. Working at an agency, when an entertainer prefers not to see a specific

client again the agency is there to pick up the reigns. Helping strippers and escorts avoid uncomfortable

situations is part of a good agency’s job. Plus it means that the entertainer can focus on what she does

best, entertain the fine folks of Hampton Roads!