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4 facts about Strippers infographic

Stripper infographic
Stripper infographic, 4 facts about strippers

Stripper Industry Facts -Infographic!

Alot of misconceptions exist out there in relation to the Stripper industry. We here at Temptations Virginia Escorts attempted to address some of these with some interesting facts about this adult entertainment scene in our Strippers Infographic. Firstly we were shocked to discover that 3 out of 4 strippers have or are studying towards a college education. Working as a stripper can be very lucrative and can help to deal with those large student tuition fees and student loans.

Its no surprise that the majority of strippers are female. Over 90% to be exact. We can only hope tho with the recent exposure of the stripping industry with the likes of the movie “Magic Mike” that more men will be lured into trying to become Strippers. Gotta hit the gym tho guys!!

Salaries fro Strippers vary across the US. In some states the strip club scene is highly regulated which creates a barrier to entry and also means that earning potential is quite low. Its no surprise then that Nevada Strippers can earn 6 figure sums. Hopefully as society changes the industry will become more acceptable. We should also note that the majority of strippers are independent contractors and pay there share of taxes!

Lastly many celebrities worked as strippers before they became famous. Obviously Chaning Tatum’s experience helped him in his movie. Lady GaGa had this to say about her days as a stripper:

“I discovered a real personal freedom through it. Obviously my parents didn’t like it. I was drawing huge crowds, setting hairspray alight on stage and dancing madly…….

I have a strong sense of my own sexuality. I love the naked human body and I have huge body confidence.

We hope the infographic was insightful and has made you take a second look at the men and women who work as Strippers. If your ever in teh Virginia Beach area then check us out! We will be happy to discuss the industry further over a lap-dance!! 😉