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Some thoughts on the Adult Entertainment Industry...

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There are a myriad of services offered in the Adult Entertainment Industry whatever your pleasure. If you desire a date, to watch a lovely lady sumptuously remove her clothing, if you’re into a particular fetish or perhaps a bit of light Bondage and Domination even maybe a gag for a buddy’s birthday there are many erotic services available.

The Adult Industry worker comes from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and they are no longer the branded “fallen angels.”  These ladies and gentlemen may be in this line for several reasons, some for the empowerment of owning their own bodies and making their own bold choices, and some for the brass tack matter of earning money. They may be a student looking to pay off student loans, a mother supporting her children or they might be that exhibitionist down the street.  According to this site

In 2006, the sex-related entertainment business’ estimated revenues were just under $13 billion in the U.S., according to Paul Fishbein, president of the Adult Video News Media Network.

They are in film, print, and live shows to name a few.  While some groups still condemn these workers for their choice of Industry; that particular prejudice is starting to release its hold here in the United States and in this writers opinion is very long overdue.European countries relaxed their stance and decriminalized some of the less than appealing activities long ago.

Virginia Beach Adult Entertainment

In Virginia alone there are many places a person can go to partake in their interest of seeing a young lady or gentleman creatively remove their clothes while perpetrating a fantasy and that is all it is…… a fantasy. We indulge in more generally accepted forms of entertainment so why be ashamed or give the workers a bad name?  There are those that have no problems sneaking that dirty magazine or closing the blinds and locking the door to watch a pornographic movie so tell me why this is an issue. The human form is not something to criminalize and a person that enjoys administering a fantasy should not be branded or condemned. These entertainers really are not that terribly different than those in Hollywood or the Independent film maker creating art films it was not so long ago that the human form was lauded after by the conservative populace upon seeing nudes by Micheangelo , Da Vinci or Raphael.

This is escapism and capitalism in the finest form.  Before you pass any judgments remember you do not know why, how or what lead that entertainer into this business.

Some thoughts on the Adult Entertainment Industry… was last modified: September 25th, 2014 by norfolk-temptress
Some thoughts on the Adult Entertainment Industry… was last modified: September 25th, 2014 by norfolk-temptress