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Why book your adult entertainment through a Escort Agency?

When looking for adult entertainment in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area, there are four major

options: A reputable adult entertainment company local to Hampton Roads, a national booking agency,

an independent escort or stripper, or the “friend of a friend” who will come over and dance. All will

boast a time to remember. And in their own way they all do. But here are five reasons why we believe

the local agency will leave you with the positive memories of a fun and exciting night.

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1. Getting ripped off/not getting what you were promised.

National companies cannot promise you specific girls. Plain and simple. They farm out their

bookings to contacts here in Norfolk/Virginia Beach and you won’t know exactly who’s showing up until

they get there. This is why they require payment to be a mixture of cash and credit, so that they can get

their cut. With an extra middle man in play, you will also pay more booking through a National


Independent strippers and escorts often put up fake or very misleading pictures of themselves

and clients are often disappointed when they arrive. A lot of them will show up very, very late and with

the attitude that they are doing you a favor by being there, or they don’t show up at all and then won’t

answer the phone when you try to call. A lot of times independent adult entertainers are just girls who

were fired from every company in town or couldn’t get hired there in the first place for whatever

reason. There are a few independents who are beautiful and on point, but they are few and far

between and probably don’t live in Hampton Roads.

The friend of a friend can be a dubious option. After all, there are no guarantees that the girl

will even look good, since it is based on the opinion of a friend who saw her that one night…at that party

where he got wasted…

When you book your adult entertainment through a reputable, local Escort Agency, you will get what

and who you are promised. And if there is a problem or something is wrong, you have recourse.

Someone to talk to about your problem and perhaps offer alternatives or suggestions. A reputable

company will not leaving you hanging or try to trick you. We want you to call back!

2. Upcharges

We mentioned above how National Companies cost more but beyond that, in the industry

independent adult entertainers and friend of a friend types are notorious for upcharging. Picture it:

You’ve booked what you think will be the night of your dreams only to have the girl show up and inform

you that what you paid was a show up fee and if you want her to actually dance, or go nude it’ll be an

extra however much… Not exactly the night you were hoping for. Now this isn’t to say that you

shouldn’t tip, all strippers and escorts like tips! But when you book with a reputable, local adult agency

you get what you were promised.

3. Taking it from business to personal.

This one only applies to independents and friend of a friend girls, and perhaps that to clients

who are considering seeing an entertainer around her company. When you see a dancer outside of a

company environment you remove the business part from the equation and bring it to a personal level.

Some of you may think this is okay. But you may not have considered the control this takes away from

you. A favorite client once told me “These girls need to learn not to ring my bell, don’t ring my bell, I’ll

ring your bell when I want to see you.” When you bring things to a personal level girls will start thinking

they can call you and tell you all of their problems, and that you will fix it all for them. They may show

up late because, hey you’re friends so you won’t mind. Some of the girls that do this have good

intentions. There are others out there who will do this with malice, trying to squeeze whatever they can

out of you. Think you can tell the difference? When you book every time through a reputable agency

the chances of these kinds of things happening are slim, but even if something did happen you would at

least have some recourse, at bare minimum you’d have an agency to complain to.

Clearly booking your virginia beach norfolk area escorts and strippers with a company local to Hampton

roads, like Temptations Virginia Beach Escorts agency is the obvious choice.