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Guide to booking escorts and strippers for the first time.

As the owner of an Adult Entertainment agency, I get asked a lot of questions, here is one I get asked often. I need to hire a stripper or escort.  What do I need to do to prepare before I schedule the adult entertainment? So you’re gonna throw a bachelor partyand need to book some […]

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3 Reasons why Escorts should not see clients directly

Once the decision is made to be a private adult entertainer in Hampton roads, there are basically two paths from which to choose. Work with an agency or go it alone. Trying to go it alone is difficult and hectic and people don’t tend to take those type of escorts and strippers seriously. There are […]

Client Relationships Escort Services Strippers Blog Virginia Beach

5 Date ideas for Virigina Beach

Whether it is upscale dining, a concert or a theme park Virginia Beach has many things to offer in terms of dating options.  Here are a few date ideas to get you going. We hope you enjoy the diverse options that we are sure will cater to people from the adventurous to the conservative. Waterman’s Surfside […]

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Strippers in Norfolk sometimes have difficulty transitioning to “real” jobs

The Reasons Strippers Have a Hard Time Finding and Keeping “Real” Jobs The life of a stripper is far from easy.  Many people in society and even in Norfolk and Va beach look down on them and some strippers may not admit to people what they do to earn a living.  It can also be […]