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Deciding to become a Stripper or Escort

Stripping and Escorting isn’t a bad job choice

There are many different reasons for young women to work as strippers or escorts. Obviously, the primary reason is money.  In popular strip clubs or with well run escort businesses, the girls working there can make a lot of money in just a few short hours.  While there are many sleazy strip clubs and escort businesses that take advantage of their workers, the ones that are run well have girls who enjoy their work for as long as they’re there.

Top Reasons Women Start Stripping or Escorting

 Many young women will start stripping or working as an escort to get the money to go to school.  They may work at night while taking classes during the day or some girls will skip a semester or two and concentrate on stripping or their work as an escort.  They will save up the money they make and then go back to school and quit so they can concentrate on schoolwork. 

Other women will decide to take on the world of exotic dancing or working as an escort to take care of their children.  They may be single mothers who need to work in order to make sure their kids are clothed and fed.  Since strippers and escorts are independent contractors, they can make their own schedules, so single mothers can often work around the children’s schedules and still make good money. If these women don’t have experience with any other type of work, they may get stuck with minimum wage jobs that don’t allow them to work around the children’s school schedules and don’t pay enough to support them.  Working as a stripper or an escort may provide more money on a busy night or two than they would make in two weeks time at a minimum wage job.

Some women are exhibitionists at heart.  They love to experience the cheers of their audience when they entice them with their beauty and skillful sexy exotic dancing.  They understand that stripping is more than just taking their clothes off.  It allows them the opportunity to express themselves through dance and the power to harness their sexuality for an eager audience.  The women that choose to be an Escort often love to meet new people and learn about them.  Some women enjoy being doted on and the attention that stripping and escorting provides from the various clients. 

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Not always an Easy Decision

The girls that decide to become strippers and work for an escort service often don’t make the decision without a lot of soul searching.  They know they could be shunned by friends and family and also risk their relationships when others learn about their choice. This is due to the stereotypes society has labeled the occupation.  However, the ability to make a lot of money in just a few hours or days is enticing to many different types of women for a lot of reasons.

 Women from all walks of life can be found stripping or working for an escort service.  Women with advanced college degrees, professionals who have well paying careers and college students working their way through school can be found onstage stripping or working as an escort.

 These women often have exit strategies that will get them out of the industry when the time is right for them to do so.  They put their money in savings accounts or invest it so they can afford to do what they want later in life both for themselves and their children, if they have any.  They may be stripping to get money for a down payment on a house, to pay off student loans or to open a business. The main thing that should be pointed out here is that the women who choose this profession for whatever reason do so because they themselves do not see anything wrong with it, and that is what is most important.  

If a woman has the skill of seduction, the beauty and charm, and the confidence that it takes to make it in the business, it can be a wise way to invest in her future.

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