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Did you make the stripper mad?

How Not To Piss Off A Norfolk Stripper

Understanding how not to piss off as stripper sounds like common sense, but the sad reality is that at least some people out there in Norfolk could stand to learn a thing or two about that.

Don’t be a Stripper bomb

Very few people actually set out to be a jerk, but unfortunately, some take for granted the idea that a stripper is there to please them, to make them happy. Virtually all strippers in the Norfolk and Va beach area are ready and willing to make sure your night is a memorable, exciting one, especially a Temptations stripper. That’s what they do for a living. What that doesn’t mean is that you have the right to say and do whatever you want.

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Don’t make the stripper go all zombie on you.

 The reality of the situation

Just because a stripper takes off their clothes for your entertainment, that doesn’t mean they deserve any less respect or consideration. How would you treat a waitress or someone in another line of work? Ideally, your answer is that you would treat them with courtesy and understanding. You shouldn’t have any problems with applying the same thoughts to strippers.

Thankfully, most of us know how not to piss off a stripper. That doesn’t mean a refresher course on the subject wouldn’t be a bad idea. And if you’ve never indulged the services of– a stripper before, then you may want to know some of the ways in which you can ensure the stripper or strippers are comfortable, secure, and able to focus on why they’re in your company: Pleasing you.

How To Avoid Pissing Off A Stripper

Some of these things are common sense, but others can be honest mistakes made by people who wouldn’t dream of being anything but polite. Avoid these mistakes, and your night will be an amazing one:

·         Adult Entertainers work in a unique field. Their jobs are really no different than a lot of other jobs at the end of the day. However, there are elements to a stripper’s job that makes their work different from virtually anything else on the planet. Try to be understanding of the fact that strippers and escorts usually have a day that involves making a lot of different people happy in a lot of different ways. Try to be understanding of the fact that although the adult entertainer is indeed there to show you a good time, the odds are pretty good that they’ve already had a long day. That doesn’t mean you let them walk all over you, and a bad attitude right from the beginning shouldn’t be tolerated. Simply keep in mind that a little politeness and consideration can go a long way.

·         Don’t haggle. Whatever the cost of a lap dance might be, or regardless of how much a private party with exotic entertainment might run you, haggling the price should be the last thing on your mind. Those prices are set for a reason, and you should just accept the fact that they’re set in stone. How much you might give in the way of a tip is up to you, but whatever the stripper or strippers are asking for as far as lap dances and party tricks come, don’t haggle. Strippers have to make a living, too.

·         Observe the rules. Whether a stripper/escort is coming to you, or you’re going to see the stripper at a strip club or event, there are probably going to be some rules in place. These rules can include no touching without permission, things the stripper isn’t willing to do, and a number of other things. When it comes to these rules, don’t debate, and don’t argue. Those rules are in place for a reason.

·         Communication is important. One thing a lot of strippers dislike are unpleasant surprises while working a private party. Avoid these surprises whenever possible. Joking around is fun but don’t let a silly joke ruin everyone’s good time.

·         Don’t take pictures or video without the stripper’s permission.  Maybe you didn’t read that correctly; don’t take pictures or video without the stripper’s permission.  Don’t make a silly mistake that results in an early end to what could have been a great night.