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Escort – How does Norfolk define it?

The Modern Meaning of the Word Escort

If you look up the word escort in the dictionary, the definition given is: “a group of persons, or a single person, accompanying another or others for protection, guidance, or courtesy.”  Another part of the definition says an escort is: “a man or boy who accompanies a woman or girl in public, as to a social event.”  Though this is how Escort is defined sadly the definitions seem to be outdated by today’s standards.

What is an Escort?

Often when people hear the term “escort”, an entirely different definition comes to mind.  Most people think of an escort as being a woman who has been hired for sex, much like a high-end prostitute or call girl.  Although there is no denying that many “escort” companies do hire women out to accompany men and expect the date to end intimately, legitimate escort services do not condone that behavior from the women, and men, they contract.

Many people, both men and women of Hampton Roads call norfolk escort services when they need to have someone accompany them to a social event or out for a night on the town.  Usually, these are people who have the money to spend on an escort who may cost them between $150 and $300 dollars (including tips) an hour to go out with them.  Businessmen from out of town may take to hiring an escort to accompany them to stave off advances from women, or to provide conversation during a lonely stay away from home.

Sex for Hire

There are “full-service” escorts and companies that expect their escorts are going to have sex with their dates.  This service is easily found through independent escorts and illegitimate companies.  Many women who work as independent escorts know this going into the job, but the money is good and they clientele is better than those found on the streets. Often when applying for work at an illegitimate company the escort is unaware of the expectations the illegitimate company has for her. These examples are exactly why the term escort and its definition have gone awry. 

Escort Fantasy 

Some men will hire escorts to discuss fantasies they don’t have the nerve to try at home with their wives or girlfriends.  They may want to use toys or roleplay, but they are afraid of being laughed at, or worse, if they bring those fantasies up to their partners. They may ask for tips and suggestions on how to brooch these matters with their significant others. However, escorts have their limits even when it comes to conversation and suggestion and they will usually outline what is and isn’t appropriate when the gentleman books the date.

Keeping the term Escort real

There are so many different reasons that men reach out to escorts these days.  It is sad that the number of nonsexual reasons doesn’t get any attention and that the perception of an escort today is vastly different than its dictionary definition. Most people assume sex is involved, even if it isn’t, and this can spell trouble for the escort working at a legitimate company if the client is not made aware upon booking.

Temptations….sin a little