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Escort or Stripper for your Virginia Beach area adult occasion?

Do you need a stripper or an escort?

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a stripper and an escort? There seem to be many different definitions, depending on who you ask.  There is no doubt that both words have certain connotations and stereotypes.  Since everyone’s definition of the words differ let’s explore what they mean here at this particular Adult Entertainment company, Temptations, just so there is no confusion with our potential clients or future prospective adult entertainers.

Anybody need a Stripper?

Having a bachelor or birthday party in Virginia Beach?  Maybe your buddy is about to get deployed on a ship out at the Naval base in Norfolk, or hey maybe he’s having a homecoming party after a long deployment, or celebration of advancement.  Tailgating at a friend’s house in downtown Norfolk or anywhere in Hampton Roads before an ODU football game?   Even if it’s just you and couple buddies and the bars just closed but you’re wide awake, maybe you want to skip the bars altogether and entertain at home for a house party. These are all perfect occasions to hire a stripper.  If you’re going to be in a private location and want to spice it up with some adult entertainment like exotic dancing, then hiring a stripper is what you want to do.  Our strippers do strip to nude.  Do they work for tips? Have you ever met a stripper who didn’t like tips?  Of course!  They love tips!  If you are looking to liven up a party with talented exotic dancing and a sparkling friendly personality, then you want a stripper!

 Isn’t an Escort the same as a…

Short answer?  Not to us here it’s not! Believe me, we are all well aware of the connotations of the word escort and escort service.  Sadly society has taken that word and redefined it according to popular fiction, stereotyped assumptions and fear of the unknown or misunderstood.

Then what does Escort mean to Temptations?

An Escort is someone who is a bit more refined.  She is able to accompany a businessman to an important dinner or event.  They can be personable at social functions.  Escorts can engage in intelligent conversation and easily fit in with a variety of different people, social structures and environments.   They are good listeners and are mature, classy and graceful.  Escorts are available in all different age groups and body styles.  This is another aspect that may not always be available in the stripper category.

Escort or Stripper?

Perhaps we won’t feasibly be able to change society’s incorrect definition of the word Escort, but what we can do is outline what it means to this company so that you as a client can book the right kind of adult entertainment for your needs.

Find the  Stripper you need in Virginia Beach here at Temptations