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4 facts about Strippers infographic

Stripper Industry Facts -Infographic! Alot of misconceptions exist out there in relation to the Stripper industry. We here at Temptations Virginia Escorts attempted to address some of these with some interesting facts about this adult entertainment scene in our Strippers Infographic. Firstly we were shocked to discover that 3 out of 4 strippers have or […]

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3 Reasons why Escorts should not see clients directly

Once the decision is made to be a private adult entertainer in Hampton roads, there are basically two paths from which to choose. Work with an agency or go it alone. Trying to go it alone is difficult and hectic and people don’t tend to take those type of escorts and strippers seriously. There are […]

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Why book your adult entertainment through a Escort Agency?

When looking for adult entertainment in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area, there are four major options: A reputable adult entertainment company local to Hampton Roads, a national booking agency, an independent escort or stripper, or the “friend of a friend” who will come over and dance. All will boast a time to remember. And in their […]

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5 Date ideas for Virigina Beach

Whether it is upscale dining, a concert or a theme park Virginia Beach has many things to offer in terms of dating options.  Here are a few date ideas to get you going. We hope you enjoy the diverse options that we are sure will cater to people from the adventurous to the conservative. Waterman’s Surfside […]

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Some thoughts on the Adult Entertainment Industry…

There are a myriad of services offered in the Adult Entertainment Industry whatever your pleasure. If you desire a date, to watch a lovely lady sumptuously remove her clothing, if you’re into a particular fetish or perhaps a bit of light Bondage and Domination even maybe a gag for a buddy’s birthday there are many erotic services available.

The Adult Industry worker comes from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and they are no longer the branded “fallen angels.” These ladies and gentlemen may be in this line for several reasons, some for the empowerment of owning their own bodies and making their own bold choices, and some for the brass tack matter of earning money.