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Escorts – 10 common misconceptions

There are many misconceptions that people have about escort services and the girls who work for them.  Outside of the business, few women who work for escort services tell people about what kind of work they do because of the misconceptions and judgmental reactions that most people have.  The 10 most common misconceptions about escorts are:

10. Being an Escort is illegal.

Working for an escort business isn’t illegal, as many people think it is.  The man is paying for the time of the escort; they aren’t paying for sex and shouldn’t have any expectation of such.

9. Hiring an Escort is only done by out of town businessmen.


While it is true that many men who hire escorts are in town on business, many, if not most, clients are lonely or bored men who live in the same city. A vast majority of the clients who seek escorts in the Norfolk area are lonely or homesick military service men and women.


8. Escorts are uneducated.

Most people would be astonished at the types of women who work as escorts.  Escorts come from all walks of life and include women with advanced degrees and who have well respected day jobs.


7. All girls who works as Escorts do so to feed a drug habit.

While there are girls working in the industry who have drug or alcohol issues, a vast majority of them are clean and sober.  A good escort service, like Temptations won’t allow girls with drug or alcohol addiction issues to work for them.

6.  All Escorts Have Big Breasts and Tiny Waists –

Escorts come from every walk of life and not all of them are thin.  There are women of every race, ethnicity and body type that work as very successful escorts.

5.  Clients that Escorts See are Desperate Losers

Many clients are very successful executives who have families.  They may want the company of an escort to keep from being hit on by other women when they are in town on business. They are also bored Military men who are far from home and want to enjoy the company and conversation of a beautiful woman.

4.  Escorts Will Do Anything You Want

Every escort has boundaries they won’t cross and they can refuse a client’s requests, even if that means losing money.  This applies to many things including drinking and/or doing drugs or anything the Escort finds humiliating or degrading or unappealing.

3.  Being an Escort isn’t a Real Job

While escorts may not punch a time clock, it is a legitimate business.  They have to show up at work when they have clients scheduled and they must dress and behave appropriately or they can lose their jobs.

2.  Escort Work Implies Sex is Available

Legitimate Escort Services don’t allow their escorts to engage their clients sexually as this is illegal. Escorts working for legitimate companies are hired to accompany a man to dinner, a party or just to spend time with them, period.

1.  Escort is Just Another Name for a Prostitute

This is undoubtedly the biggest misconception about the escort business.  An escort sells their time to their client, not their body.

The misconceptions about escorts probably will never change, but it is important to recognize that escorts provide a needed legitimate service to clients of the industry.

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