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Ever wondered about becoming a Stripper or escort in VA Beach?

So you think you’d make a good stripper? 

Stripping can be very lucrative, but are you really cut out for it? Maybe you get hit on a lot, and know you’ve got the looks.  Or perhaps you’re really smooth on the dance floor at the club or behind closed doors with your man.  But you might not realize that being able to make it as a stripper involves more than just looks and skill.  It takes a certain type of personality to be successful at stripping.  Here are 7 questions to ask yourself before deciding to try to become a stripper.

Naked is good…or is it?

When you’re naked with your significant other how do you respond to an “in the nude” environment? Are you all “ Oh… wait…no …let…me…find…a sheetorsomething,… can you turn the lights off?” or are you more of a “Ta Daaaa!!!  Look at meeeee!!!  Chances are you’re clearly one or the other and as you can imagine that is a pretty important distinction if you are thinking about becoming a stripper.  If you aren’t comfortable naked with your significant other, how will you ever feel comfortable naked in front of strangers?

Would I be a social Stripper?

Do you like people in general and are you outgoing when it comes to meeting new people?  In the adult entertainment industry there are very few certainties.  One of them is that you are pretty much guaranteed to meet a wide variety of different people.  Old, young, rich and poor and from every possible ethnic background you could possibly imagine.  These people will be in good moods and bad ones, and so will you.  Do you know how to put on a game face even when the rest of you isn’t feeling it?  Put simply, if you find everyday conversation and being in a general good mood difficult then you’re really going to have a hard time striking up conversation with a total stranger at 1am.  Speaking of late night…

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Can I be energetic and in party mode late at night on a regular basis?

Early bird or night owl, which are you?  Strippers burn the midnight oil, it’s common knowledge that 90% of stripping takes place when it’s dark outside.   Are you an early riser or do you only start to come alive at night?  A common mistake that prospective strippers make is thinking that they will be able to make lots of money while being snug in their beds by midnight each night.  If one wants to make the kind of money that stereotypes are made of, then one must be willing to put in the late night hours.  That doesn’t mean you’re out if you’re an early bird, it just means you must have the ability to switch your schedule from early mornings to late nights with the realization that it will be difficult if not impossible to maintain both.  Committing to a night shift is a serious change.   Speaking of…

Am I willing to take my job as a stripper seriously?

 Think seriously about a decision to become a stripper.  Don’t think it is the type of job you can just “do when you need a little money,” it doesn’t work that way.  Well, you can treat it that way but you won’t make much money.  You either won’t get much work or end up with a company that you can’t trust.  The good agencies know that trust is a two way street.  Working as an exotic dancer is a job, just like any other.  You will have responsibilities in some way shape or form at any place you go to start dancing even if they are only to be reliable and perform your job.  Any strip club or Escort Agency/Adult Entertainment company worth their salt is going to help you make a whole lot more money if you take the job seriously.  In other words if becoming a stripper is only something you think about when you’re wasted, it’s probably not going to go well.  If it takes being under the influence for you to feel sexy or to have the confidence to perform that is a red flag for possible problems later on.  That’s not to say it’s unnatural to feel nervous at first or a little self conscious, those are perfectly normal feelings we all have.  But if you’re cut out to be a stripper, those feelings fade, and you always feel sexy and you always exude confidence. 

Am I going to be honest and open about stripping with people that are close to me?

This is probably this biggest mistake new girls make.  If you’re going to try your hand at exotic dancing/stripping and you’re  thinking of hiding it from say…your parents, your friends, family, or and this one always kills me….your boyfriend or husband then you’re kidding yourself.  Unless it’s a onetime thing (see previous paragraph’s title), then you can be pretty sure it’s going to get out sooner or later.  Especially in this age of social media.  You can still lie, but when you get caught, you will have to not only explain the job but also why you lied about the job.  This lie in particular makes the task of convincing a loved one that being a stripper is a good fit for you or that is it your decision and you feel it’s a good one, because then you will have to explain why you lied about it.

Am I ok with being a stripper?

Society isn’t always nice to strippers.  Some of your friends might turn on you, jealous of the money you’re making.  Some friends may judge you and family could be hurt by your decision.  You may be discriminated against by the general public and you’re sure to be the butt of more than a few jokes.  There could be customers that insult you and others who are so into you that they simply won’t stop tipping you to take your clothes off. The real question you need to ask yourself when considering stripping is this: Do You think there is anything wrong with it?  If the answer is yes, then it probably isn’t the job for you; if the answer is no then try to remember that just like everything else in life there are positive and negative aspects to being a stripper.  If it there were no negatives, everyone would do it.  If there were no positives, no one would do it.  It, like all else, is a balance.  It is up to you to decide if it is the right balance for you. And finally…

Why the hell is the owner of a stripper company telling me all the negatives about stripping?

The answer is quite simple.  It is my desire to build the best and most respected adult entertainment agency in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area. I feel that to do so I must find the best of the best and after many years of experience I have learned that the best way to find the best of the best is total honesty.  Women should know what they’re getting themselves into in any situation and it would be a disservice to women for me to lie or paint a picture of the industry as all sunshine and butterflies.  At Temptations I only want the women who know all of the good, the bad and the ugly and still eagerly want to be part of it all. 

After reading all of this if you feel that you are right for this industry and you also feel that three of your best nonphysical traits are Loyalty, Honesty, and Reliability, we may want to talk to you.