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Guide to booking escorts and strippers for the first time.

As the owner of an Adult Entertainment agency, I get asked a lot of questions, here is one I get asked often.

I need to hire a stripper or escort.  What do I need to do to prepare before I schedule the adult entertainment?

So you’re gonna throw a bachelor partyand need to book some strippers?  Or maybe you just want to spend some time with a beautiful escort?  Confused and unsure of how to “go about things?”

Know your facts before trying to schedule your adult entertainment.

The location is pretty important.  Strippers often perform several shows each night and their location and times available are important factors in determining their availability.  It is for this reason that your exact location and at least a time range is necessary for us to actually schedule your entertainer.  Also to quote a price location is necessary as there is a different rate for say Escorts in Virginia Beach than there is for strippers in Hampton.

How many guests will be at your party?

If it’s a big party and you’re unsure of exactly how many people will be there at least try to provide a rough estimate.  If there are less people that end up showing up, that’s ok. But as a stripper to show up to a party and being greeted by 12 guys when you were expecting 3 guys can be overwhelming.  It’s always smart to let the agency know whether females will be in attendance.  Most strippers these days don’t mind dancing for other girls but to be sure to have the best show possible it’s always best to book a stripper who is comfortable in that kind of situation.  Knowing and being prepared for the correct number of guests  makes your stripper more prepared for the situation.  A confident well prepared stripper is the most entertaining and sexy stripper!

When booking a 1on1 with an escort, what type of situation is it?  Will you be staying in for your time together or will you go out on the town?  Will you travel to another city with the escort? Is there a specific event you will be attending that you need escorts services for?  These are important factors to consider when booking your escort’s company.

Know what you want.

Do you want to book an escort for an hour or four hours?  Did you want to see one stripper or two?  Have you visited the website and seen what types of girls are available?  If not be sure to have an idea of what type of stripper or escort you’re looking for.  Women come in all kinds of gorgeous shapes and sizes, from tall leggy blonds to curvy exotic island beauties and everything in between.  Any good agency will have a variety of entertainers from which to choose.  Know your preferences or the preferences of the guest of honor so you can be sure to get the entertainment that appeals most to you and your guests!

Ok the adult entertainment is booked, now what?

Make sure you have a clear space for your strippers to perform in a room where your guests can congregate.  Be sure that there are plenty of chairs or places for people to sit and lots of room for your strippers to be able to dance without worrying if they’re going to break something.

Have a safe private place for your strippers to change and keep their things while they perform.  If possible this room should not be the only bathroom at the party.  While most strippers have music, if your party is large, it may be more beneficial to you to have a radio or stereo with speakers in the room the strippers are performing in so the music can be loud enough.

If you are ordering an escort and want her to meet you out at a location or an event together, be sure to describe yourself to the agency when booking so that the escort can recognize you in public. Also if booking an escort for an occasion, pay up front over the phone with credit card to avoid embarrassing money exchanges at your special event.