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Norfolk Bachelor Party Ideas

  • Planning a bachelor party can be tough.

When it comes to bachelor parties, the planning is no joke. This is a night to remember, a night that many consider to be the last night of living large, of living free and single, before slapping the wedding ring onto your finger. So you will want to have a bachelor party that will remembered through the ages, and have plenty of pictures to prove it. There are plenty of ideas, many of them involving exotic dancers and hired girls losing some clothing. But, maybe your looking for something to do before or after the strippers arrive. No worries because there are plenty of other ideas that can turn a simple bachelor party into one of the greatest nights of your life.


            What is a party without massive amounts of drinks? While just drinking and chugging can get repetitive and even a little boring after a while, hosting some drinking games will change the atmosphere immediately. Whether you are playing beer pong, or playing games while watching a movie (for example, if you are watching The Hangover and you take a shot every time you laugh at a scene), a drinking game is fun for all.

            Perhaps you and the guys want to head out to the club; you got some extra cash in your pocket (that you haven’t already filtered into the wedding), so the club seems like a perfectly good place to throw in some money.  There is something about the thrill and the suspense of the clubs, the laughing, the dancing, seeing so many different people that can make the night memorable. Clubs are great places for guys to get together for bachelor parties, especially before heading to an after-party get-together.

            Don’t worry about anything extravagant for food. You are probably not going to want to sit down for a five-course meal, so save yourself for money and go for something simple. If you want the cheapest deal, order up some pizza (cheese, pepperoni, the meat-lovers; whatever the guys want). If you have a bit more money to spend, wings are a great crowd pleaser and finger food that will keep everyone happy. Chances are that you will be spending a good amount of money on alcohol. If you’re looking for something cheap, you can’t go wrong with some simple beers; however, if you seek something a bit fancier some scotch and ale, along with many other varieties, could suit your party perfectly.

            A bachelor party is more than just hiring hot adult entertainment, here’s how to do it right.  You will be looking to get some great food, games, and entertainment to yourself and your group of guys. Finger foods work great, and games and drinking go really well together. This is sometimes a once in a lifetime event, so don’t waste it. Spend some money, have some laughs, don’t recreate scenes from The Hangover, and have a good time. Bachelor parties are awesome; it’s time to enjoy yours!