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Norfolk men spilling their troubles to escorts

Why some Norfolk area men prefer Escorts to Therapists

Fear and shame are two factors in the intimacy issues that some men have.  While they can choose to see a psychologist or psychiatrist and discuss their fears or shame, some men seek out escorts to help them conquer these issues or learn to how create intimacy with women.  This intimacy doesn’t just extend to physical intimacy.  Some of Norfolk’s finest men are fearful of being emotionally close to a woman and seeking the company of an escort can help men get over their fears or shame.

Why Escorts over Therapy?

Many people, not just men, have a disdain for therapy because it has had a somewhat bad stigma associated with it.  Some people will judge the patient as being crazy or even worse weak if they mention seeing a therapist and men are more reluctant than women to take the plunge and start seeing a therapist.  Some men may not want to see a therapist because they don’t want to remember specifically the instances of their life that have brought them shame. But instead they’d rather have someone who will always be sympathetic to the stress and anxiety they deal with in their lives. 

If a man has intimacy issues, that can bring about a great deal of shame and embarrassment and that can be very difficult for them to talk about with someone, even a therapist.  Men are less likely to be vocal about their issues, but they may be more likely to take action if that can help them without affecting their egos.  That source of action may be seeking out help by calling an experienced Norfolk escort.

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Going to Escorts for Help

While it may not be a conscious decision to call a norfolk escort agency in lieu of a therapist, some men will hire an escort to “date” as practice for taking out other women.  They can manipulate the situation, so to speak, so the escort represents the type of woman they may take on a date and practice their dating rituals with them.  They may also seek help in learning how to seduce women.

The escort can give the man advice on what he may be doing wrong when he wants to become physically intimate with a woman and that isn’t the type of help he can get from most psychotherapists.  An escort can help him practice the art of seduction and even suggest to the client some new moves in the bedroom that he can use when he starts dating again and finds himself in a situation he may not have previously known how to deal with.

Some men find it easier to become emotionally intimate with an escort and discuss their problems with them in a relaxed atmosphere as opposed to the more formal setting of a therapists office.  In this way, they can also learn now to talk to a woman and open up emotionally without fear of rejection.  Men can often gain more confidence seeing an escort. Escorts are not a replacement for professional medical advice, this article is simply pointing out that whether it is a conscious decision to do so or not, the fact remains that many men across Norfolk seek out an escort for therapeutic conversation.

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