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5 Date ideas for Virigina Beach

Whether it is upscale dining, a concert or a theme park Virginia Beach has many things to offer in terms of dating options.  Here are a few date ideas to get you going. We hope you enjoy the diverse options that we are sure will cater to people from the adventurous to the conservative. Waterman’s Surfside […]

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Some thoughts on the Adult Entertainment Industry…

There are a myriad of services offered in the Adult Entertainment Industry whatever your pleasure. If you desire a date, to watch a lovely lady sumptuously remove her clothing, if you’re into a particular fetish or perhaps a bit of light Bondage and Domination even maybe a gag for a buddy’s birthday there are many erotic services available.

The Adult Industry worker comes from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and they are no longer the branded “fallen angels.” These ladies and gentlemen may be in this line for several reasons, some for the empowerment of owning their own bodies and making their own bold choices, and some for the brass tack matter of earning money.

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You Can’t Go Wrong with a Virginia Beach Bachelor Party!

While planning a bachelor party can be a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of responsibility. One of your best friends is entrusting you to show them one last wild time that will be both memorable and pleasurable before they tie the knot. Plus, all the attendees are looking forward to a good time […]

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Escorts – 10 common misconceptions

There are many misconceptions that people have about escort services and the girls who work for them.  Outside of the business, few women who work for escort services tell people about what kind of work they do because of the misconceptions and judgmental reactions that most people have.  The 10 most common misconceptions about escorts are: 10. Being an […]

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Escort or Stripper for your Virginia Beach area adult occasion?

Do you need a stripper or an escort? If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a stripper and an escort? There seem to be many different definitions, depending on who you ask.  There is no doubt that both words have certain connotations and stereotypes.  Since everyone’s definition of the words differ let’s explore what they […]