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10 Incredibly Sexy Stripper Scenes From TV Shows

Probably, if you can think of one or two sexy stripper moments from your favorite movies, then you can probably think of some great scenes from your favorite TV shows, too. Strippers are sometimes used as a plot device. Other shows feature characters that make their living as an exotic dancer. Other shows merely add a stripper to tantalize. Whatever the reason, the best moments will always stick out in our heads.

10 Stripper Scenes From TV Shows

Take a look at this list of 10 incredibly sexy stripper scenes from TV shows. Would any of them make your own list? Are there a few you can think of on your own? Use this list to remember some of the all-time best, and then see what you can come up with on your own:

·         The Sopranos: We all miss the late, great James Gandolfini, but he wasn’t the only thing that made the show such a hit. Even though they were usually in the background of the scene, the Bada-Bing! Girls usually knew how to get our attention, regardless of the episode.

·         Friday Night Lights: NBC could only show us so much on Friday Night Lights, but what they did show us of Stacey Oristano’s character was a sexy woman who loved what she did for a living.

·         Hit The Floor: It’s true that we never actually get to see Katherine Bailess work the stripper pole, we can guess from the way she lit up the dance floor on this VH1 series that she could get a job stripping anywhere in the world.

·         How I Met Your Mother: As Barney’s old girlfriend Quinn, Becki Newton made us understand how she could turn even a smooth operator like Barney into putty in her hands.

·         True Blood: Fans of True Blood will ask: Do I have to pick just one? That’s because the sex scenes on the hit HBO series are frequent, and those moments in which the clothes are shed simply whet the appetite for something steamy and fun.

·         Game of Thrones: The sex scenes on this show are as frequent as the violence, but ask a fan for the best strip scene the show has given them so far, and they’ll be hard-pressed to pick an absolute favorite. There have been moments of men and women on the series alike suddenly slipping into something more comfortable (nothing but a smile), that usually means something erotic and intense is about to happen.

·         Mad Men: There are some pretty memorable strip scenes from this favorite, but one of the most popular involves Betty Draper letting her fantasies come to life. The mad men of Mad Men might not be the nicest bunch of guys, but they generally do not fail to keep the woman satisfied.

·         Lost: Remember when we got to see Evangeline Lilly show us as much as a woman can show us on network TV? The chances are pretty good that you do.

·         Homeland: When Carrie and Brody finally hook up, it’s true that we don’t see a lot of actual stripping, but we definitely see enough to make anything these two get up to some of the sexiest television to be found anywhere today.

·         The L Word: The moment in which we see Jennifer Beals (no stranger to sexy stripping) and Laurell Holloman tear each other’s clothes off in a fit of passion is definitely one of the sexiest scenes in a show that gave us a lot of sexy scenes. The erotic energy between them builds with every discarded clothing article.

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