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Strippers: 5 Things Men Should Know

Think you know everything about strippers?

Often times men see strippers as either low life desperate women or they view strippers as untouchable fantasies.  What men often don’t understand is that strippers are more often neither desperate and underprivileged nor exulted goddesses.  Strippers are business women and very good business women.  Here are 5 things men should know about these women who work in the stripping industry.

Women who strip are not forced into it.

These are not weak women who have been sold into sex slavery.  These are women who have the looks to strip and take advantage of a high yielding source of income.  Many strippers are very sensual women who have simply found a safe and legal way to use their sexuality.  Don’t go into strip clubs thinking your favorite stripper is dependent upon you.  She may be dependent on clients but you are only one of many and she is there because she wants to be there.

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Many strippers are well educated.

A lot of university students work as strippers.  With good reason.  What other job is going to let you work so few hours and make so much money?  With the economic downturn, more and more college graduates are sticking with their stripping career.  Some may have a day job and some may depend on their stripping wholly as their income.  Either way, these are women who have or are in the process of getting degrees equal to those of business people who are considered highly educated.  Remember, when you are talking to a stripper, you may be conversing with a woman who holds a PhD.

Strippers are normal women who live real lives.

Trust me, just like a teacher does not live at school, a stripper does not live at the strip club.  These women have significant others, parents, sometimes children, friends, and other hobbies.  Women who strip enjoy curling up in warm pajamas and watching chick flicks as much as a women who works retail.  When you go to meet a stripper don’t forget that these are real people who have emotions and enjoy the same mundane things that everyone else enjoys.

Strippers make good money.

  According to an article written in 2011 on, strippers can make between $2000 to $4500 a month working less than 100 hours per month.  That number is with the current economic downturn and is almost completely from tips.  Your favorite stripper is possibly making more than you do, don’t knock that.

These are smart and talented business women.

Stripping is a business and one that takes skill.  Stripping isn’t just about standing on stage or taking one’s clothes off.  A stripper knows how to put on a show.  She knows what to provide to customers and she is good at giving men the thing that made them call.  Even though you are out to have fun, remember that this is still a business transaction and strippers deserve to be treated with respect.  Besides, a little decorum may give a little extra oomph to your tip and award you more attention.