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Strippers and Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA5

Strippers in Grand Theft Auto 5


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Grand Theft Auto video game series, it is a British-created mission-based series set in fictional American cities in which the player chooses and completes missions to progress through the storyline.


What are some of the key characters in the video game series?


There are many characters who are central to the storyline.  The playable character in these games is the protagonist of the story.  Most of these characters are set, especially in the later games.  There are numerous types of non-playable characters to fill out the story line and facilitate gameplay.


·         There is always a main antagonist or enemy for the story.

·         There are also main characters who play a larger part in the story by giving missions to the playable character and otherwise creating significant interaction.

·         The supporting and minor characters play smaller roles but may still be useful in completing the missions.

·         Storylines also include random characters, street criminals, and pedestrians to round out the scene.


Where do stripper characters fit in?


The strippers are some of the better-liked characters in the stories, and the strip clubs are some of the more frequented establishments in the action play.


·         Some of the strip clubs are more interactive than others, complete with lap dancing for customers including the playable character.

·         Not all of these exotic dancers actually strip, some of the locales more closely resemble bikini bars where the girls just dance instead of removing clothing.

·         There are missions corresponding with these locales in the game, which will cost certain assets such as cash but completing them will unlock other parts of the establishment.


What are some of the debated arguments in favor of the series?

Yes, this is a vehemently debated series of entertainment based video games.


·         Let’s keep this in perspective – it is just a game.  If you and/or your child cannot handle the levels of language and sexual content, then the decision to not engage in the game is completely yours, either for yourself or on behalf of your children.

·         The content really is no better or worse than a lot of movies that are released nowadays.

·         The argument that violence in a video game automatically leads to violence in real life needs a serious look.  There are so many steps that must be taken to translate the game’s missions into real life that it would not only take concerted effort on the player’s part, but they would already need to have the proclivity anyway.


Despite the debate over this particular video game series, or perhaps because of that very controversy, this series is wildly popular.  The featured strippers in the game are one of the more argued about features but certainly one of the attractions as well.  This entertaining series continues to grow in popularity as more games are released, and it is certainly appropriate for the ages indicated on the labels.  It is a video game, so entertain yourself but do not take it too seriously.

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