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Strippers in Norfolk sometimes have difficulty transitioning to “real” jobs

The Reasons Strippers Have a Hard Time Finding and Keeping “Real” Jobs

The life of a stripper is far from easy.  Many people in society and even in Norfolk and Va beach look down on them and some strippers may not admit to people what they do to earn a living.  It can also be difficult for a stripper to transition into “real” life.  They don’t often have a resume that will get them a decent paying job and the jobs they do find may not offer them the pay that is equal to or better than they were making a stripper. 

Adjusting to a Routine Schedule 

There are many reasons a stripper may leave their Norfolk area adult entertainment job, but it can be hard to do.  One of the biggest adjustments is the hours they work.  Most strippers get to pick the days and the hours they want to work.  They usually pick a schedule a week or two in advance, choosing the days and times they will dance.  Obviously the money in stripping is in the night time shifts. When adult entertainers take on a regular job, having a set schedule especially one with daytime hours is a hard adjustment for many of these girls.

 No Stripping means more work hours

If they have a family, strippers can often work around their child’s schedule.  Even though most strip clubs are open during the day, most of their business is at night, just as it is with any nightclub.  Often strippers who have kids can leave them with their spouse or a family member while they work.  On a good night, a stripper may only work a handful of hours and they get to go home to their family.  Taking on a 40-hour a week job is vastly different and many strippers fail in the transition because they have to work set hours and they cannot pick their own schedule.

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Trouble Finding a Good Paying Job in Hampton Roads

Most strippers make good money, sometimes taking home a few hundred dollars a night.  When they try to find a regular job, they often discover they cannot make anywhere near that type of money, especially if they don’t have a college degree and a lot of times even if they do.  For a woman without experience at a regular job, that can often mean have to take a job that only pays minimum wage.  Many strippers realize it really isn’t worth taking a job that pays minimum wage when they can make in one night what it would take more than 40 hours on the job to make. 

In what industries can ex strippers be found?

 No one can strip forever. Even those adult entertainers and exotic dancers who find their niche to be along the lines of a cougar stripper, or MILF stripper, can’t do it forever. Smart strippers plan for their futures with fast money in mind.  Some popular career choices for ex strippers include Real estate agents, Bartenders, Hair stylists, tattoo artists, writers, executive assistants, and small business owners.  Commission based earning seems to work out best in the long run for strippers and most anyone in a job where cash is limited to how hard you are willing to work.