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Using or working for a Norfolk Adult Entertainment & Escort Service requires trust.

Trusting Your Norfolk Stripper/Escort Service

Adult entertainment is bigger than it’s ever been. This isn’t something that’s likely to change anytime soon. Clients in the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area are getting more and more opportunities to enjoy a wide range of adult entertainment options than ever before. Adult performers are getting more and more chances to enter a field in which creativity and sexiness can go a very long way towards success.  No matter where you are, the odds that adult entertainment is in high demand are excellent.

It’s because Escort Services is in such high demand that more and more interested individuals are considering it as a career choice. Some make it to the point of being able to perform full time, enjoy the experiences involved in meeting and performing for new people, and pick up a whole lot of money in the bargain. Others opt to take on an adult entertainment career part-time, and success at this usually depends on how much time and effort they put in.

Some, unfortunately, do not make it. They fail to make the kind of impact they were hoping for, and they drop out of the business after a certain period of time. There are a number of reasons for why this might happen. Some have unrealistic expectations, some are simply not cut out for the work and people, some simply cannot handle the money or the lifestyle, but a great many become disillusioned and quit because of poor agency representation. These adult entertainers go on to other jobs or try to go it alone as an independent, which is very dangerous. This is why it’s extremely important for someone in Norfolk working as a stripper in the adult entertainment field to have an adult entertainment agency they can trust.

Reputable Adult Entertainment Agencies/Escort Services

Though tough to find there are a few escort agencies based in Norfolk and Virginia Beach that are absolutely legitimate and trust-worthy. These companies treat their strippers/escorts with respect, they understand the business they are in and move through it honestly and legally, and do everything they can to ensure their strippers are protected on every level. This is the rule of thumb, not the exception and there are a great many would-be companies in Hampton Roads that would do well to learn that.

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Don’t be disillusioned by greedy    agency owners.

It’s a shame that there always going to be adult entertainment agencies or Escort Service that should be avoided at all costs. These are companies that will not protect their strippers, will not treat them with respect, will try to rip them off at every turn, and will turn them away when there’s nothing left that can be done with them. It would be nice if these agencies didn’t exist, but they unfortunately do. This is why anyone interested in pursuing a job as an exotic dancer, a stripper or an escort, here in the Norfolk area needs to have a company like Temptations that they can rely on.

Adult entertainment provides a valuable service to its customers. It allows people from all walks of life to fulfill some of their sensual fantasies.  We are very selective therefore not all potential strippers/escorts can work for Temptations so if you’re interested in pursuing a job in the field of adult entertainment, then make sure you research the agencies you apply to very carefully. Ask questions, be informed, and if hired keep track of your money. The last thing you want is an agency taking advantage of you.

If you want to work for the best agency in Hampton Roads and think you have what it takes, contact us.