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Virginia Beach Strippers – Positive profession?

Stripping as a Positive Profession

It’s unfortunate that some people look down on the profession of stripping. Even those who work in the business can be prone to viewing their career in a negative light. To be fair, not everyone loves what they do for a living, and that can be true of any job, but it’s troubling that some people still see stripping as a less-than-reputable way to make a dollar.

Some Virginia Beach Strippers dislike their work, but the fact of the matter is that a vast majority of them love it. Ask someone who has worked in the business around Norfolk and especially Virginia Beach for a while, and they’ll be able to point out a number of extremely positive things about what they do for a living.

The Positives Of Stripping

One of the first positives of stripping is the money involved. It’s certainly important to do what you love in life, but the money a successful exotic dancer in Hampton Roads can generate is considerable. Depending on the city, and depending on how hard a dancer is willing to work, a stripper can make an extremely comfortable living. Take a look at someone like Sage, who worked at Minx strip club in Va beach and then for Temptations here in Norfolk. Although she has sadly returned to Europe, she’s still a good example of how much success someone can have as a stripper.

Sage is also a good example of the power and confidence stripping can have. Watch the best dancers in the world, and all of them have the same two things in common. Their confidence allows them to know they are in complete control of their audience, and the power this inspires gives them the energy to reach for the top of their profession.  How on earth can anyone find something negative in that?

European stripper, exotic dancer, Temptations Sage
We miss you Sage!

Stripping also fills a valuable need in the healthy sexual appetites of both men and women. Some feel that stripping is degrading to the performers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Stripping allows both men and women to express their sexual appetites in healthy, positive ways. Men and women alike have expressed the benefits of being able to fulfill a variety of fantasies through the work strippers do. Some of the best examples of stripping do not over sexualize the people involved. It does not just depict them as mere objects of lust. It can be an incredible example of human sexuality expressed on its terms.  Again, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would think that’s a bad thing.

Why Stripping Is Good

It should be easy to see now why stripping deserves to be seen in a positive light. For those who work as strippers, it can provide a plethora of opportunities to make money, bring excitement into the lives of others, and express creativity in one of the healthiest ways possible. For those who partake in strippers, it can be a wonderful way to live out fantasies, and watch an incredible show.

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