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Escort or Stripper for your Virginia Beach area adult occasion?

Do you need a stripper or an escort? If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a stripper and an escort? There seem to be many different definitions, depending on who you ask.  There is no doubt that both words have certain connotations and stereotypes.  Since everyone’s definition of the words differ let’s explore what they […]

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Escort – How does Norfolk define it?

The Modern Meaning of the Word Escort If you look up the word escort in the dictionary, the definition given is: “a group of persons, or a single person, accompanying another or others for protection, guidance, or courtesy.”  Another part of the definition says an escort is: “a man or boy who accompanies a woman […]

Escort Services Norfolk Strippers Strippers Blog Virginia Beach

Deciding to become a Stripper or Escort

Stripping and Escorting isn’t a bad job choice There are many different reasons for young women to work as strippers or escorts. Obviously, the primary reason is money.  In popular strip clubs or with well run escort businesses, the girls working there can make a lot of money in just a few short hours.  While […]

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Which stripper scenerio do you want to remember as your night?

Exceptional exotic dancer Every best man in Hampton Roads wants to throw an epic bachelor party for their main bro. But the pressure to make sure that everyone has a good time can be intense.  Sure you want to remember that special night, and especially the entertainment fondly.  With visions of the hottest strippers in […]

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Ever wondered about becoming a Stripper or escort in VA Beach?

So you think you’d make a good stripper?  Stripping can be very lucrative, but are you really cut out for it? Maybe you get hit on a lot, and know you’ve got the looks.  Or perhaps you’re really smooth on the dance floor at the club or behind closed doors with your man.  But you […]