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What do bacon and strippers have in common?

America’s obsession with Bacon

For decades Americans, especially American men have been in love with bacon.  Ahhh….bacon. It’s inviting smell, it’s savory taste, its rich red coloring, with every pop and sizzle of the skillet, bacon tempts millions to indulge in its deliciousness daily.

Why does bacon taste so good

There is actually a reason bacon tastes so good.  Most of us are familiar with the four most common taste buds- sweet, sour, bitter, salty, but there is another taste bud most aren’t aware of.  It’s called Umami and it’s described as a pleasant savory mouthwatering taste with a lingering coating sensation.  Most humans get their first experience of Umami early, as it is found in breast milk. It’s no surprise bacon awakens this taste since it possesses 6 ingredient types that the umami taste responds to.  Perhaps it is these ingredients that awaken the primal instincts in those who are bacon maniacs.

Men’s primal instincts

Bacon isn’t the only thing that awakens something primal inside millions of people all over the world.  Strippers.  Strippers are appealing in a primal sense to various senses including sight, sound, touch and smell.  Upon seeing a stripper in her costume most mens’ pulse is measurably increased.  Hearing the music of an impending strip tease or smelling a strippers perfume as she dances close increases breathing and raises heart rate.   Feeling a stripper’s lap dance routine may also raise a thing or two bacon never has!
Bacon, strippers

Bacon and Strippers

So lets recap.  Bacon and strippers…. appealing to at least 4 of the 5 senses, both awaken a primal feeling in men. Both are pop icons.  Order a stripper  and cook up some bacon tonight and see for yourself just what bacon and strippers have in common.

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