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What’s in a (stripper) name?

Stripper Names throughout History

There are all different shapes, sizes, and types of strippers in the world.  However, one thing that they usually have in common is an attractive stage name.  These aliases give dancers a cloak of ambivalence while still allowing them to express their personal style.  Throughout the history of strippers and exotic dancing, men and women have chosen names that not only represent their specific tastes but also the modern societal outlook.  This can be seen when we take a look at stripper names throughout history.

Where it all Started

What we see as modern stripping started somewhere around the 1930s or 40s.  At this time, as it still is today in some areas, suggestive and exotic dancing was looked down upon by those who felt morally superior.  Because of this, men and women dancers took on creative stage names to maintain their anonymity while performing.  In the beginning, names were used as cutesy aliases that used modern slang and played on words – think Betty Boop.  Some of this habit can still be seen in some of the modern stage names used by today’s strippers.

Stripping in its Heyday

There was a time in recent history where being a stripper was synonymous with glamour and show business.  It was about this time when stage names took on a life of their own.  Some of the most popular names of strippers were derived from the names of the finer things in life such as Porsche, Mercedes, and Diamond.  Perhaps this is all because of the obvious economic prosperity during the 70s and 80s, or maybe dancers were merely experimenting with names.  Regardless of the reasons, as time went on strippers began using their imagination, combining these types of names with words that described their unique stage presence.

Today’s Modern Stripper

Thanks to changes in society and the morals and values therein, strippers have been gaining acceptance in recent decades.  Due to these adjustments, modern strippers are more likely to use names that are more realistic, though they often do not use their real names.  It is not uncommon to meet a stripper with a name like Monica, Tiffany, or Whitney.  Although these names are pretty basic, they still offer the stripper an alternative without taking away from the personal appeal of the name.  Because of this, modern stripper aliases are less likely to sound like stage names and more likely to sound like the dancer’s real name.

Inspiration for Choosing your Stripper Name

When trying to develop a great stage name, it is easier to do so when you look back at strippernames throughout history for reference.  While everyone else is trying out modern twists on names, you can set yourself apart by bringing back a vintage name like Kitten or Pussy Galore.  The options available are as endless as your imagination; and it may even be fun to mix and match some of the names from different eras.  Stripper names may have changed throughout history, but one thing remains the same: strippers are still the sexiest stage performers on the planet; and a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.

Temptations…sin a little.