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Which stripper scenerio do you want to remember as your night?

Exceptional exotic dancer

Every best man in Hampton Roads wants to throw an epic bachelor party for their main bro. But the pressure to make sure that everyone has a good time can be intense.  Sure you want to remember that special night, and especially the entertainment fondly.  With visions of the hottest strippers in Virginia Beach blazed ingrained in your mind forever.  A night that started out with a tease and ended up with the crowd pleased.  Strippers who fit in, were hot, sexy, and even talented.   Strippers who had fun at their job and actually enjoyed stripping for guys in the Norfolk area.  These exotic dancers put the X in exotic!  They’ve got skills and love to show them off.  They come prepared with hot occasion appropriate lingerie, moves, curves and positive energy.  They expect respect and have rules to follow, but they were entertaining, flirtatious, and all around bubbly.  The guys had a great time and never felt as if they were waiting around.  The crowd was engaged, the bachelor appropriately embarrassed and everyone was having fun. 

Bitch ass stripper

No one wants to have the opposite happen.  The party is going along fine until the time the strippers are supposed to arrive.  One shows up only 10 minutes late, which was ok, except she wasn’t one of the girls you selected.  The other stripper was the right girl but the pictures posted  of her were seriously out of date and it took a full on thirty or more minutes for stripper number 2 to get there and when she arrived she behaved as if she were doing you a favor by being there.  As if your entire party was centered around her exotic dancing performance.  Like she is the only stripper in va beach.  By then the surprise is blown and the bachelor knows what’s up.  Sucks but not the end of the world.  The late strippers go inside and almost immediately into the bathroom and spend the next 20 minutes “getting ready” while guys are out there pacing or getting bored waiting.  Then the girls come out and immediately start talking about tips and such and then they do a song for the bachelor and then they want to take a break to smoke a cigarette, make a drink and a sandwich.  During the break, the late stripper, stripper 2 gets a phone call and saunters off into the other room.  Stripper number one, the hungry one, shrugs her shoulders, sets down her meatball sub and decides to start dancing.  “Ok, finally,” you mumble to yourself, at least someone is going to do something.  Just then stripper 1 the hungry one lets out a huge belch a reminder of the meatball sub and proceeds to jiggle around a little, just as stripper number 1 comes charging out of the other room crying mascara running down her face, with all her stuff in her hands saying she has to go.  Elfonso is blowing up her phone and he might try to set her up and ….WAIT….WHAT?!  Wasn’t this supposed to be a bachelor party?  Weren’t these supposed to be classy entertainers?

 Do you really have a choice?

Which party do you want to remember?  No pressure being best man eh? It’s hard to be sure entertainers will entertain Isn’t it nice to know that the Adult Entertainment company you choose recognizes that there is a difference and strives to be the better of the two?  We here at Temptations know and we want you to feel confident when you book your Adult entertainment.  Confident your strippers will allow you to have a positive experience and not the one of stereotypes and nightmares.      “…sin a little.”