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Ever wondered what it would be like to dress as a woman? Have you ever thought it would beentertaining to shop for sexy clothes that would fit you and then dress up to see what you would looklike as a woman? Have you dreamed of a makeover for you? Ever wanted to sit and have a conversation with a woman as a woman or maybe even an evening out at a restaurant cross-dressed. If you’ve longed to do these things but are hesitant to go it alone or any other alternative lifestyle choices consider booking with our Norfolk escort service, Temptations. She can bring out your inner feminine side that you keep hidden from the rest of the world. Our lovely ladies are discreet and we won’t tell our lips are sealed. Our ladies are happy to cater to you if this is your fantasy! ;)

At Temptations we have friendly local escorts that can accompany you on this adventure at a pace set by you. Sometimes the experience is the thrill but maybe you don’t want to do it alone, that’s why you should consider Temptations. Our escorts can accompany you to the area mall or clothing store of your choice and assist with finding you the women’s clothes that are right for you. If you prefer online shopping they can help you select and suggest options for your new wardrobe. They will even go out with you so you can experience some girlfriends time; go to a club, bar, movie whatever your heart desires she can accompany the new you. You can have titillating in depth conversations that will leave you spellbound and ready for your next encounter. She can help you be comfortable out there. If you like they can escort you to dinner somewhere in the Hampton Roads area dressed as the new you and provide a comfortable, natural, unique experience that will make you feel relaxed and empowered as you are free to discover the alternative side of you.

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