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Virginia Beach Escorts for special occasions

Are you in need of a last minute hottie to pull out all the stops when it comes to glamour? Our ladies can help you pull it together for anything from a discreet dinner or a business function. Our ladies are classy and intelligent conversationalists then call us for an Escort for that Special Occasion. If you wish is to make all those other at a business function think you are one lucky SOB because you have a hot young thing on your arm we can do that too.
Do you want to be the envy of everyone there the master of the ball? If you do check out our ladies order one up and let her make you stand up and stand out from the rest of the schlubs in the crowd. You will be admired for your virility because you surely must have “it” to have such an amazing lusty beauty on your arm. Why not make them jealous and let them think you have the entire package. Have a special event coming up? Temptations escort service offers escorts for events and occasions such as military balls, company Christmas parties, weddings and reunions, and a variety of other events where you may need to bring a date and not have anyone in mind.

Our Norfolk escort service is known for its ability to match your needs to the perfect escort. With a Temptations escort you aren’t just getting a pretty face to accompany you to your Hampton roads event; you are getting charm, wit and personality too.

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Our receptionists can provide information on availability and are most efficient and reliable way to schedule a discrete session. If you have other comments or questions, feel free to contact us at vatemptations@gmail.com

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